Why is 'In the Raw' proving so popular?

your journey to a happier, healthier and simpler life could start right here.....

In the Raw - video by Wayne Dixon - Mount Barker SA 5251
We're clear about what we stand for:

We all like to believe that we are doing the right things to protect our fragile natural environment. But how well are we really looking after our own physical and mental needs?  To many of us, life today seems to be an endless stream of contradicting ideas about what to eat and how to live.  It’s hard to know where to start because of the often overwhelming information overload about balancing our human needs with protecting our planet. The mental health of our community seems under pressure all the time. Well, we at In the Raw are just trying to unclutter that pressure and get back to what really matters; a simpler and healthier way to live a happy life.

That is the ethos of 'In the Raw' - healthy planet, healthy body, healthy soul, and a simpler and happier lifestyle.  So, break out and come and live it with us for a day!



Earth, our home. Its health is very much in our hands. Our journey in life starts and ends with our planet.

From the first breath of fresh air we take through to our last, the Earth gives us everything. Our shelter, our water, our food; and what we are or can become, it all comes from the bounty of our planet in some way.

If we don't look after it, it won't look after us.

Have you seen Julia Robert's wonderful clip -

'Mother Nature Speaking'?

It's not to be missed - and it will make you realise just how much we depend on our beautiful planet to live - and the frigility of it to continue to support us.  This short video tells it like it is - and why we want to try and reconnect people with what is 'really important' to a good life. 

So just click the picture of Julia to the right or, the 'planet in our hands' logo above, to play the video...


In the Raw - "the medicine of life is a wholelistic appraoch to wellness and living"



Challenge  yourself. Be fitter. Be stronger, but above all, be properly nourished. Do we really know what we are putting into our bodies each day? How nourishing is that food? How natural is it? Has it been processed so far in its life cycle it gives us nothing more than more profit to the huge global companies that now almost control our food chain? Can Australia maintain its own food security to a level that we can continue to feed our nation without outside help? What do we need to do to turn back the clock of national obesity and lack of exercise? Feed you body good natural foods grown in the earth and not a lab.


Be inspired. Our minds make us an individual. What we know, what we do, our values, the way we treat others, how we care for the planet - are all things which make each of us a special human being in some way. When we start to consider all that which 'feeds our soul' every day, we also start to feel the individuality which makes each of us as different to the next person as the lines of our fingerprints. In the Raw believes that good mental health, strong family bonds and simply just being involved in the life of one's own community will bring with it much of what we need to nurture the soul within.


Be uplifted, find relaxation, care for the planet and most of all - think about the core things in your life you need to ensure you can enjoy a better life. But where do you start? In the Raw aims to bring people, communities, ideas and our bounty of fresh food, air and water in the Adelaide Hills together in a way which will help us all to start the journey towards a healthier, happier and better life. Over the coming years, In the Raw will aim to provide that special opportunity to reconnect with new ideas, inspirational people and great food straight from the heart of the earth.